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Family Law

Custody for Grandparents & Parents, Divorces
Custody law in Warner Robins GA
Custody law in Warner Robins GA
Divorce Lawyer in Warner Robins GA

Child Custody for Grandparents

When can grandparents get custody of their grandchild? Courts generally affirm that parents have the legal right to care for and determine what is best for their children. When grandparents seek custody, the court balances the parents’ rights with the child’s best interests. Grandparents who believe their grandchild would be best living with them need to present a compelling case.

Let us help you present your case to the courts. We have helped many grandparents obtain custody of their grandchildren.

Having won many cases for grandparents custody, we are confident we can help you too. Let us assist with building a compelling case so you can get custody of your grandchild.

Grandparent Custody After the Death of the Custodial Parent

While parents have the right to have custody of their children, some situations might be different. In cases of drug abuse the child might be placed with their grandparents or another relative. If you have this problem, please call us. We can work with you resolve the situation.

If the custodial parent dies, the court might consider placing their child with the grandparents. If the grandparents are not the only relatives able and willing to care for the child, the court determines who is the best individual to have custody based on the child’s best interests.

We will work with you to get custody of your grandchildren and present a strong case in court. Call us to set up a free consultation with Bo Sammons.

Divorce Laywer in Warner Robins, GA

We are committed to helping our clients through the emotionally charged and complicated process of obtaining a separation and divorce in an economical and effective manner.

Please feel free to give us a call for an intial consultation. We handle divorce cases in the Warner Robins area as well as the Bibb County and Peach County.

Divorce can push you to your breaking point, regardless of how strong you are. It is overwhelming to think that your financial future, your living situation, and even the relationship you have with your kids are in limbo.

Bo Sammons, Jr. is here to provide a source of stability in this chaotic time. Our Warner Robins, GA attorney is committed to helping couples through any divorce issue, including property division, alimony, child support, and child custody. It is our mission to give you the legal support you and your children need both in and out of the courtroom.

Bo Sammons, Jr. specializes in Child Custody, Contempt Proceedings, Divorce, Legal Separation, and Modification of Decrees

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